Your Most Valuable Asset

Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying Yes too quickly and not saying No soon enough.
Josh Billings

I have to say as middle-aged man I have learned a few things about how hard I can push myself. With job, family, and few side pursuits, we need to take care of our most valuable asset. That is our body and mind. Pushing too hard can cause problems over long periods of time. I am not afraid of hustling over a short haul. We all have to do that from time to time. When the weeks turn into months with no end in sight something has to give.


Michael Hyatt turned me on to the idea of Essentialism in his old podcast. I find the idea intriguing and helpful as we all can struggle with too much! I recently listened to this audiobook again. I need periodic reminders of how I have too much going on. Between overscheduled lives and too many things, we need to simplify our lives. If you haven’t read Essentialism by Greg McKeown you should read it.


As a father of two teenagers, I see them eat things that would give me a stomach ache. My son loves Zombie Burgers “Walking Chedd” where the buns are replaced with macaroni and cheese. Part of taking care of yourself is eating good fuel and staying hydrated. Too many cheeseburgers and your energy will start to diminish. Sleep is also an important restorative activity. Don’t try to burn the candles at both ends for too long. You will pay a price. I find daily exercise helps me keep focused longer. Without it, I feel sluggish.


When you work a full-time job you need to manage more than just your work. For instance, you might budget 32 hours for the actual job. Along with that, you should set aside 3-4 hours of time to communicate to your co-workers and manager as well as manage them and expectations. In the technology sector, it is also important that we need to keep learning and studying best practices. On the average week, you should spend 4 hours on reading and researching. Then add a few hours maybe two for networking with other professionals at your company and from other companies. I find user groups to be helpful for this.


As a little kid, I saw a few workaholics. Most prominent for me was my father. He worked as a farmer and would push himself quite hard. People in technology can drive hard too. I have seen this take its toll on co-workers. They can gain weight and lose a family by focusing too much on the career they have chosen. Take time for family. Whether you are married or single build those relationships. Develop friendships and hobbies outside of work. Take time to grow in other realms. A few of my co-workers have been muscians. They find time learning something new or practicing relieves stress.

Protect your most valuable asset. Look at all the things you do and find the essential elements. Care for your mind and body. Take time to live a meaningful life with friends and family. It will make your work and life more rewarding to have balance.

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