Your approach to your career is probably wrong

Career Diversity

Career Diversity

I was listening to a speaker recently talk about millennials and their view on careers.  The speaker said that millennials view their careers like many of us view our stock portfolios.  As we have learned from investing in one stock is dangerous, but when we add one to the mix it helps out our returns.

Millennials like to have Career Diversity, where they are not completely focus on one path for their career.  Throughout my career I have heard people say you need to specialize and find one area of focus to build up your expertise.

I know a few people that have other careers they work on part time.  I know someone who has a day job in academia working in a college setting.  They also have authored books and do some speaking on the side.

Many developers I have worked with in the past have done some part-time consulting for different projects.  Sometimes these part-time projects can turn into a full-time business.  A high school friend is a school administrator during the day, on his nights and weekends he is building a fitness business.

What is your sideline career?


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