Windows Azure Service Management

Today I had the luck of being free for the Iowa .Net User Group Noon meetup.  Javier Lozano opened things up and we got to see watch Brady GasterWindows Azure SDK Project Manager, give us a preview of the Windows Azure Services Management SDK.  He said this code would probably be released in two months.

He worked through some changes with the Azure Services to create a SQL server database.  Brady created a MS Test to verify the database was created successfully.

I have not done any cloud computing, but seeing what could be done with Windows Azure I am really interested and seeing what options are out there and who is using these tools.  While I was at Dice they were considering moving large amounts of data to Amazon’s Web Services.  Brady mentioned that you can deploy applications written in Python and Java.  I was not aware of that fact.  This is an area I need to learn more about, I can only see cloud services become a larger part of our normal IT structure.

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