Why Agile?

When I worked at Dice we had struggled with how we could handle the requests the business was looking for and get them out in a reasonable fashion.  The typical request was a short email or conversation with people from the various business unit.  As the people that had to implement these changes we usually needed more information and needed some questions answered.  The business would usually just ask “Is it done yet?”   The IT department would get in trouble.  So we have an issue with many incomplete requests coming into the development team, how do we triage all of these.

My manager at Dice Scott Stogdill had a great idea of implementing a Agile software development process.  Wouldn’t it be great if we just did that and it worked?  Yes and his Cowboys will win the Super Bowl too!  He initially brought in a release manager Amanda McCurdy who did a great job of laying the ground work and helping us learn what is Agile and how can it help.  She taught us all about what Sprints are and how to have a stand up meeting.  Amanda also helped us work through all the business requests and create user stories.  She helped us funnel down the requests to a point where we had enough information to act on them.

Next time I will discuss what struggles we ran into at Dice with Scott’s first run at leading an Agile Transformation.

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