Who are you having lunch with?

We all need to work on our network.  Have you called that old friend or emailed your a former co-worker to ask them to lunch?  Who is in your network?  We meet people in many places.  You have people you work with currently that you can get to know.   I coach some youth sports and you meet a lot of parents.   It is always interesting to get to know the parents and see what they do and who they know.

Kieth Ferrazzi talks about this in his book Never Eat Alone.  He has a lot of good tips for building your network before you need it.  That is sometimes a trap we can fall into.  We think about networking when it is too late.  We lost our job or need a favor and we haven’t kept in touch with people we know.

When you get people out of the office you can really get to know someone.  What they do in their spare time.  I remember my days in sales we were taught to ask questions about the things they have in their office.  Maybe a picture of their family or an award they might have.

Do you have any lunch plans?

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