What’s on your agenda? Preparing for your day

Photo Credit: Pete Boyd via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Pete Boyd via Compfight cc

How are you preparing for your day?  Do you let things happen to you or do you get prepared for your day and put things together.  Everyday we need to have a system to look at upcoming demands.  Craig Jurrow, The Time Management Ninja, has a personal dashboard to look at everyday.  He claims this will help us prevent surprises, gives us time to prepare, allows you to prepare,  and visibility leads to action.  The items in the personal dashboard included a calendar, todo list, someday list, notes, and your email inbox.  Craig points out that it is important to leave the inbox to the last item.

Michael Sliwinski discusses how to prepare for next day in the evening.  He describes how we need to create a to-do list the night before on paper away from our computer.  Michael points we need limit ourselves to 3-4 items on our daily to-do list.  That is something a lot people stumble with is finding too many to-do lists.  He points how important it is to avoid things that can seem urgent but not important, usually email falls into this category.  Michael did this everyday for two weeks and he thought it was his most productive two weeks.

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