What is your Failure Rate?

Would you like me to give you a formula for success?  It’s quite simply, really.  Double your rate of failure.

-Thomas J. Watson , founder of IBM

Over the last week you have probably made at least five failures.  I know I have made many more but let’s focus on five of those.  Look at each failure and try to understand what you can learn from each one.  You may notice a theme in some of your failures.  For me I get too caught up in completing tasks quickly and not reviewing my work for quality.  This is when I know I need to slow down and re-check things.  Some people can get caught up in analysis and never get started on things.  “I have to organize my pencils before I start”, whatever the excuse might be.

As we look at our failures we should learn more about us and our shortcomings.  This can be helpful as we move forward next week.  In reading Harvey Mackey’s weekly article I was reminded how we all need to start each day with a plan.  This can really help set our day out on the right foot.  I have gone in to work before with out a plan and opened my email and gotten carried off in various directions only to realize at the end of the day important things weren’t accomplished just urgent things.  Make sure you know the difference and starting with a plan will help!

My brother is an intense person.  He likes to teach people by jumping in on the deep end.  Or in his favorite sport skiing he likes to start on the black diamond runs, the most difficult.  He likes to say, “if you aren’t falling your aren’t getting better.”

Are you falling down?

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