What is MyITCareerCoach.com

What is MyITCareerCoach.com?

I first started this out as a blog to discuss software development, Agile methodology, and leadership one year ago.  With fifteen years of Information Technology experience I wanted to give back and help the next generation of IT Professionals.   I have created two eBooks, the latest one is an introduction to Agile Software development.  It is available on Amazon and it is called Agile Basics in 60 Minutes.  I an putting together a class for people interested in exploring a career in Information Technology.

I have informally coached people with their IT Careers for many years.  While performing many interviews and candidate reviews I have learned what a good resume looks like and how great candidates set themselves apart.  I can help individuals with any of the following items to get the right job for you.

  • Skill Assessments
  • Resume and Social Media reviews
  • Career Planning
  • Skill building
  • Interview preparation

I am also available for speaking to groups and organizations on the opportunities in IT as well as the many challenges.  I can do training for corporations on the challenges in working in IT and how to take a team to the next level.  As a Certified Scrum Master with over two years experience leading an Agile team I can help train your team and your organization in Agile Development methodology.

I am ready to help you today, contact me now!

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