What can a technical Career Coach do for you?

Photo Credit: Javier A Bedrina via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Javier A Bedrina via Compfight cc

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
Frederick Douglass

We all come to plateaus in our life where we don’t see progress. Joan had been working as a business analyst for a few years at the same company. She had grown frustrated at her lack of progress and development in her career. Joan came to me to look for some career coaching as she was considering going in another direction.

I met with Joan a few times and as I asked questions she started to understand why she had not grown her skills. Her company offered training programs that she initially was involved in. After some stressful life situations, she stopped working on her skills. Working together we laid out a plan to get her career back on track. I think she will achieve her 2016 goals we laid out.

What is like to work with a career coach?

I get asked this question a lot. Career coaches help with assessing the situation, establishing a plan, and most importantly adding accountability. I thought I could accomplish all my goals without a coach too. Until I got miredĀ in a false sense of accomplishment. As a coach, I use coaches to help me learn new things and reach goals quicker. Many of the people who work with me achieve their results quicker.

Steve wanted to become a lead developer for three years before working with me. After we had a few sessions together he had a plan in place and was promoted in six months. By learning about his challenges, we could tackle them head on.

What does the process look like?

Career coaching can take many forms. For instance, Debbie and I met a few times and she was ready to make a career change to a Database Administrator. While Doug needed multiple sessions along with a long-term development plan to find a new career as a developer with new languages. There is no cookie cutter process to a successful technology career. If someone sells you one, run the other way!

How can we help technical professionals?

Working in technology for over fifteen years, I have a good understanding of the business. I have interviewed and hired for many technical positions. That has given me good insight to help guide people through the many choices they have. I always help technical professionals understand theirĀ technical skills and soft skills. Depending on the type of position you are looking for we can develop a plan to make sure you are marketable and have multiple opportunities.

Ted had grown tired of working as project manager for many years at the same company. He wanted to move to somewhere he felt like he had more of an impact. Ted’s role as a project manager was quite isolated as he worked with some virtual teams spread across the country. After we worked together we got Ted some training and he is enjoying his new role as a Scrum Master in a smaller company. “I see how I make an impact now,” he said.

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