We don’t need another Hero!

Does your company rely on heroic efforts to save a project from certain doom?  We would love a hero to save us but that day never comes.  We need to develop a team that can work together to complete our projects.   Playing the hero worship game doesn’t help build the team.  We all need to know our limits and understand our strengths and weaknesses.

A few years ago I was involved in a team that had a hero.  The team would almost sit idly by as the team hero would come through and develop a majority of the solution.  The problem with this is the person can find a new job and the team isn’t ready.  We always need to be working together and pitching in.  When you collaborate and work together everyone can build there skill-set.

Tim Berglund spoke about the Hero Culture in regards to developers and how it affects the company.  There can only be one hero or star.  Other strong developers will pick up on this and usually move on.  You want to have a team of strong developers working together.  Some times management can protect their choice and this can leave the rest of the team reeling.  Also Tim mentioned the Beowulf story that you may remember from college.  Beowulf is a hero to his tribe.  He always comes to save the day.  Even in the end of the story Beowulf is victorious.   Although he is mortally wounded, who will be the new hero?  When we have hero’s we don’t have someone ready to come in and take over.  They have moved on.

Have you worked with a hero?

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