Too much success?

Have you ever met someone who was cursed with too much success?  How can that be wrong?  I have met a few people in my life that have for instance been very smart and were able to coast until they went to grad school and then they finally had to work at achieving success.  They didn’t know how to deal with failure.  They had a long string of successful encounters.  Also there a few business people I have run into that have a Midas touch.  Our statistician friends will remind us that everything will regress to the mean, so sooner or later our luck changes.

For most of us “too much success” isn’t a problem.  We have failures all the time.  It is good to fail and learn from the failure.  We learn many of life’s most valuable lessons that way.  Take time everyday to reflect on what you have accomplished and what you had struggled with and try to improve that everyday.  In Agile software development they do a similar thing after every sprint they meet with the team and cover the successes and failures, we should do this everyday too.


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