These two things will help you set and achieve goals!


Photo Credit: creepyed via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: creepyed via Compfight cc

I was recently viewing a webinar featuring speaker Bob Davies.  He was discussing his process for setting goals and reaching our peak performance zone.  He declared two things that are important for us when we want to set goals and achieve them.

Specific declaration and accountability

  1. Check in
  2. Consequence

Bob shared a story about when he was trying to eat healthy and watch his weight.  He had been traveling all day and had a delayed flight and was starving.  Bob was scheduled to work a conference the next day.  So he didn’t want to eat anything from the mini-bar in his hotel room, but he thought he would just eat a bag of chips.  That wasn’t enough so he had a candy bar to satisfy his hunger.  If you have ever looked at the mini-bar it is not an affordable option.  Bob ended up with over a hundred dollars in food and drink when he was done and felt terrible the next day.

His next steps were to learn from this big mistake by taking these two steps to heart.  Bob declared he would never again touch another mini-bar.  As we all know making a declaration is nice but as he pointed out it needed an additional consequence.  He instructed a good friend to partner with him and check in with him the next time he traveled.  His friend was to call him and if he touched the mini-bar he owed his friend one thousand dollars.  Bob said the consequence has to be meaningful to the person setting it.

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