The Ties that Bind, Networking with Style

A few years ago I had the great opportunity to go through the West Des Moines Leadership academy.  One of the people I met and have gotten to know really well has been Danny Beyer.  He currently works at Kabel Business Services as a Payroll Sales Executive.  Danny is a very energetic person that is always meeting new people.  He has an amazing list of people to draw upon in his network.  So when I heard he was writing a book about Networking I knew it would be good!


 The Basics of Networking

The first part of The Ties that Bind, Networking with Style covers the basics of networking.  Danny details the first networking event he went to.  He was very nervous and hesitated to get out of the car until someone knocked on the car window and asked if he was going to the ribbon cutting event.  This act of kindness from a stranger got Danny to start his journey to becoming a “Networking Ninja.”


After you attend a networking event the important part is to follow up with some of the people you meet.  Danny points out how important this step is. “There is no point to networking without the follow up.  It is the most important part of the process, and it something most of us mess up.”  This part makes the connection real and he suggests we try to setup coffee or lunch with our new connection.  Danny also details how we must realize what success is and what it is not.  Networking doesn’t generate sales immediately, we must be patient for the success we want to come forth.


Getting more from your network

We all have a story to share and part of connecting with someone is finding their story.  It may take a few questions to find that new person you have met great story.  Danny then details the rule of reciprocation and how when we invite others to share their story they feel compelled to listen to our story.  They reciprocate your attention and interest by doing the same for you.


How do we increase our influence?  Danny says if we want do this we have to get involved in organizations and help out.  We can’t stay on the sidelines we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.  He tells the story of getting involved with the chamber of commerce and how as he became more involved his influence grew.  When he joined the executive board he had many new opportunities become available.


Networking with Social Media

In the third part of the book Danny gets into social media and how you can use it to aid in your connections.  He starts with how we can use Facebook to enhance our connections.  Since Facebook has over a billion users there is a lot of users to connect with online.  He shares with us how we can use Facebook for our personal and professional lives.  By interacting with people online we can strengthen those bonds.


Next he moves into Twittter and how we can use it to share content we create or from others to gain influence.  One big part of Twitter is who we choose to follow.  If you don’t like what you see you need to change who you are following.  The last social media platform he covers is LinkedIn.  It has a professional focus which helps us develop our professional brand.  Another thing LinkedIn is helpful is the ability to connect with industry leaders.


Danny covers a lot of the issues you might encounter when you try to network.  If you are looking to grow your network and advance your career make sure you pick a copy of Danny’s new book!



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