The Sprint Backlog

Photo Credit: roolrool via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: roolrool via Compfight cc

The stories the team has agreed to work on during the sprint is called the Sprint Backlog.  These user stories are selected from from the product backlog.  Therefore these items have been reviewed for proper format, estimated and prioritized by the product owner.  All the stories in the sprint backlog the team has committed to completing them during the sprint.

The team will create the sprint backlog during the sprint planning meeting.  They will usually take the highest priority items in the product backlog depending on the estimate and the teams sprint velocity.  The team selects the stories to add to the sprint backlog not the product owner as they must commit to completing them.

The developers should always start by picking the highest priority user story off the sprint backlog when getting something new for development.  This is important to complete the highest priority items first so that if something happens to slip it is lower priority user stories.

The sprint backlog is to be updated daily as to each user stories progress.  It can be done during the daily stand up meeting.  This can help teammates track progress on items and see if any help is needed to get something wrapped up.  If there are roadblocks to progress the scrum master should step in and remove them.

When creating the sprint backlog it is important to look at each team members strengths and not try to overload one team member.  The sprint backlog does not assign tasks to team members, as developers come free they pick the highest priority user story.  Also each developer should limit their work in progress to one story at a time.

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