Technical Staffing Training

Do you struggle with trying to find good technical candidates?
Are all the resumes looking the same?

With Technical Staffing Training and Coaching you can cut through the clutter.

Lunch and Learn Webinar

A great way to start your training is a Lunch and Learn Webinar. We can customize a 60-minute session for your team today!
Educate your team and train them about the technologies and how to screen candidates.
Potential topics include
Developer Screening Topics
Java, JavaScript, .Net, DevOps, Security
Quality Assurance/Engineering Screening
Automated Testing Software

Set one up today!
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Dive in deeper on these same topics for specific knowledge. Let us know what topics you want to cover and we can put together a training plan.

Group and Individual Coaching

If you have specific training needs for individual or groups we can create the training curriculum for them. We can do coaching over multiple weeks to address your training needs.

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