Technical interview question that stumped me!

In my recent job change I had a lot of interviews.  A few of these were technical interviews.  In the development field some companies attack the technical interview in a different way.  I can see the value of asking certain questions with Junior Programmers.  I have looked at some resumes that screamed I just copied these technologies off the web.  I always only list a technology that I have used a lot.  If I have just used something once I wouldn’t reference it.  I interviewed with Source Allies a local consulting company.  They made you rank your level of proficiency from 1 to 10.  Ten was if you have written a book on it.  I thought that was good criteria as people can overstate their expertise in an interview.

I have been developing Java programs for over ten years and this simple Java question through me for a loop.  “What is the difference between a Java class and an object?”  I thought on that one and came up with an answer that I don’t think was right.  I looked it up later and the class is the definition or code and the object is the instance of the class.

Have you been stumped lately?

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