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Creating a Path for Technical people

Working in Information Technology for many years and with a few different companies, I have noticed a problem with how to handle advancement for technical people. This is not an uncommon problem for all industries deal with this. For instance, a bank can take the best teller and put them in charge of the whole […]

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Career Development for the Technical professional

Professional development for technical professionals can be challenging when the skills that are in demand change constantly. When I first began developing web applications early in my career I only needed to know some basic JavaScript to validate forms for the medical application I was working on. Today JavaScript has become an important part of […]

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How to assess technical talent

Assessing technical talent can be real difficult to do. Some people focus on just a few technical skills. Some companies will have many people interview them. Without a good system in place you are leaving a big decision to chance. I recommend organizations look at three areas to determine whether a technical candidate is a […]

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