Starting your Leadership Journey

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.
Sam Walton

Great leaders make it look easy. They keep things moving without you knowing all the effort it takes. When you get a chance to be a leader you will learn how much time and effort is really involved. Remember though as a new leader you will make mistakes and will develop over time.

Have you experienced great leadership?
What qualities do you think you possess as a leader?
Where have you been inspired by a leader?

Follow First

Every leader was a follower at first. We need to understand what it takes to make the organization move. No matter if you want to be a leader or not you need to learn to follow. Find ways to support your leaders in ways you would like others to support you.

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This is especially hard for me. I can be a bit stubborn and a free spirit at times. Lucky for me a few years ago someone shared with me how important it is for leaders to be good followers first. I knew they wanted my engagement to change.

I remember another person sharing some wisdom about what good leaders need. We need to think about things from the leaders perspective. What kind of follower would help them the most? “People get promoted who make their team and boss look good.” I heard this and thought that was quite simple and trite, but overall made sense. Are you making the team look good?

Lead Yourself

We all have to lead ourselves. What message does your leadership send? If you say one thing and do another your integrity will be questioned. Do you have things organized or do you have to rush around and arrive late? People see how you lead your own life. If they don’t like what they see you won’t be leading a group anytime soon.


In Jim Collin’s book Good to Great, he details how the leaders in these great companies have achieved what he calls “Level 5 Leadership”. One of the main aspects of these leaders is their humility. They have not been out for glory. They share credit with their team and employees.


As a leader, you need to instill confidence in your team and organization. This first starts with you the leader. You must have confidence in your leadership and the change you are leading. Look for ways you can support others and help them see the talents and skills they have. Showing belief in your team will help them feel confident in their actions.

Model the way

I was listening to an old recording of the legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. He said the most important thing any leader can do is model the behavior you want from your group or team.

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This seems so simplistic but, it is so vital to a leader’s success. If your actions say cut corners and take advantage of people when you state otherwise few people will listen. Model the greatness you want from others and they will join you.

What is one small action you can take to become a better leader?

Do you know a humble leader?

Are you a supportive follower? How could improve in this regard?


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