Starting a new job

Today is your first day at your new job. Perhaps you’re a bit nervous but, you did well in the interviews and they asked you to come on board. I am a person who likes new things so I relish in the opportunity. Here are a few tips to approach that first day even if you don’t enjoy the change initially.

Starts with Attitude

I am listening to the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. The basic principle of the book is how when we are happy and have the right mindset we accomplish so much more.

As you approach this first day at your new job start with gratitude. Be thankful for the opportunity and be willing to learn and showcase your talents.

Arrive early

Part of making that great impression to your new co-workers is to arrive early. Show them you are eager to be part of the team and ready to jump into this new role.

I would recommend arriving five to ten minutes early. Don’t go overboard and show up an hour before they asked you to come in. This will help you begin to shape the impression they have of you as a punctual person.

Do your Homework

Have I homework before I start? As you researched the company before you interviewed with them, now that you are starting a new job with them you need to go deeper.

Your first step is to understand the key players in the organization and their key initiatives. I know someone who made a major gaffe on their first day making a flip comment to someone who turned out to be the owner of the company.

My wife was recently relaying some advice she and some co-workers got from a former executive. He said, “find out what three things make your boss look good and do them.” Therefore if you understand the key initiatives in the organization you can help pinpoint your priorities.

Learn their names

In Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People on of his principles is, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Try to get know your co-workers names as soon as possible. With LinkedIn, you should be able to see a picture and their name.

Ask Questions

When you first start your new job this is the time to ask a lot of questions about your new role, the team, and the company. Enjoy this early time where you can play the “new guy” card. As you start to get longer into your tenure they will expect more and more.

One note on this, if this is your second or third job in a similar role and industry make sure your questions don’t sound too basic. They might wonder about your competency for the position.

Take notes

As you ask those questions make sure you take ample notes. No one likes to hear a similar question¬†a few times because you didn’t take notes. To go along with this always be prepared for a meeting or conversation.

I met with an executive once who relayed a story about a senior staff member who showed up at multiple meetings unprepared. After they noticed a pattern of this he was let go. He was not ready for more things than meetings but it started there.

Find connection

Meeting your new co-workers it is important to find a point of connection. For some, it maybe is you went to the same university or perhaps you cheer for the same basketball team.

In technology fields, it might be something more off the beaten path. Perhaps you and one of your teammates are big Dr. Who fans or play the same video game. If you try you can usually find a connection.

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