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Start Stop Continue Board

Start Stop Continue Board

For Health Callings we are currently doing 2 week sprints.  Our transition day is Tuesday so we have our Retro and Planning.  This Tuesday our Agile Coaches Arin Sime and Kent McDonald were out so I led the session myself.  It is not too hard to pass out Sticky Note.  As Arin taught us quite well our last time the team pretty much knew what to do.

We begin by giving everyone on the core team three sticky notes.  We ask them to write three things down one for each sticky note.  They can choose from the following.

Something we should START doing.

Something we should STOP doing.

Something we should CONTINUE doing.

They can write one from each or all from one area, it doesn’t really matter.  Once complete they add them to the white board and read them aloud to the group.   After everyone is done we give everyone three votes or dots with a marker to vote.  Then we take the top items and see if we can make option items for our next sprint.  We had two items that we took for action items in our next sprint.

It took us about 30 minutes to complete the whole exercise.  As you can see by the photo our items weren’t spread evenly.  Our team likes this exercise but your mileage may very.


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