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Tom’s speaking is earning rave reviews:

Tom is outstanding! I collaborated with him on a recruiting event this summer to help people explore IT careers. The event was very successful thanks to Tom’s expertise, speaking skills, and attention to detail. Tom was able to easily relate to the audience and explain the topics in a non-technical fashion. I hope to work with him again! from Silas Hanneman

Tom can speak at your next event, here are some speech topics:

The “I.T.” Factor

The I.T. department is the backbone of the company but, the secret to a successful organization is out – it’s effective communication.

Poor communication is cited as the main cause of failure for IT projects by 28% of respondents in a survey conducted by a national association of IT professionals.

The “I.T.” Factor will teach you how to translate the technical issues, troubleshooting, and implementation to the rest of your company and within your team.

Roll out the “I.T.” Factor in your organization to implement technical solutions faster and cheaper, to improve the overall responsiveness and resolution of support issues, and to increase productivity.


Cracking the Career Code

According to a recent Gallup poll only 13% of people worldwide feel engaged at their work.

This has led many people have given up on the idea that a career can rewarding and fulfilling.

In Cracking the Career Code we cover the three P’s that will help you find a career match.

Passion – Through our Life Audit, you’ll discover where your passions truly lie.

Perform – We’ll uncover which areas allow you to perform at your best.

Profit – The most profitable ventures based on your skills and abilities will become apparent to you.

If you want a challenging and satisfying career then we can help you crack your Career Code!

Ditch the facts, Tell the Story

Ever tried to convince your boss or team to try a new alternative? You delivered the facts and figures in a compelling way, but the idea went nowhere.  Perhaps you got lost in the numbers and data instead of rallying your team with a compelling tale. Long after the facts are forgotten, your team will remember the story that persuaded them.

In this session, learn how to win team members over to your way of thinking by getting out of logic and into THE STORY. This is persuasive communication at it’s finest, and the key to thriving organizations

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