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Raise the Bar with Coaching and Training!

Photo Credit: Code20Photog via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Code20Photog via Compfight cc

It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.

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As we approach the end of the year we need to make sure we have resources for the people we have at our company. The success of  our company depends on them and we must give them the proper training. It would be nice if everyone started with all the training they need. It usually does not work out this way. As people move around then need to develop new resources.
Each company brings people in their own way. Working for many different organizations I have gone through highly detailed and organized processes bringing in new people and the “throw them to the wolves” approach as well. Companies that embrace training grow their employees and instill their culture.


For baseball teams, they learn a lot about their prospects during spring training.  Each year they have a few new team members they have to bring into their system. Just like when a new employee joins the organization they need to learn their role.


A good leader knows what their team does well. Although anytime you change your lineup those strengths can shift. If we keep good tabs on our team we can make sure they play to their strengths. A strength at one time doesn’t always stay that way. For instance, Zappos creates great customer service and continues to work on it. Don’t let your strength atrophy, train your people to keep strong!


We also need to know what weaknesses our team has. We should work on helping our teammates get the proper training to improve our performance. In the technology field, we often focus on the technical skills. They are important but, we overlook soft skills that make a big difference in career development.
Working in the technology field for over fifteen years I have noticed some trends. There is a large number of  people in the industry that lack strong communication and collaboration skills. As careers progress, they can stall out as these skills become increasingly more important. That is why I have created “Success Skills for the Technology Professional.” In this program we build these skills to ensure career advancement.

Unique Needs

 Another scenario I run into occasionally is one where the technology team can have difficulty working with other departments. With the technical jargon, we can use it may sound like we are speaking another language. To cut through this, I have developed, “The IT Whisperer” program. First we work with the technology team to enhance communication with other groups. Then we work with the other teams to give them insight to how to better collaborate with the technology professionals.


Training can give your employees the support they need to feel more empowered. We demand a lot from the people we work with and we need to support them so their careers can properly grow and take off.  The investment in them will reap great dividends in the coming months.


Another key component of training is getting individual team members coaching. Many new team leaders might struggle with the  additional duties. This can be a great scenario to bring in a coach. Through coaching and development, we can get the new leader on track for success.

Individual need

I want to tell you a story about Adam, he was a great developer that a lot of people looked up to for his strong technical skills. He was given more responsibility and slowly he began to miss deadlines and he grew frustrated. His manager brought me in to coach him. Through a few initial sessions, we realized that Adam had not properly managed his time and with the additional tasks it became a problem. Adam learned a few techniques to manage his work and things turned around.


Putting together development plans along with targeted coaching can catapult your people to new levels of performance. Don’t miss another opportunity to help your team expand their skills and abilities. Your top performers want to be challenged and see growth. Contact me and we can put together a plan for your team!

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