TechnoLeaders: Steps to Enhance Your Technical Leadership

Leading teams of technology professionals takes a mix of leadership and technical understanding. In this book we will step you through the process of how you can take your technology position and become a leader in your field.

Know Thy Client: A Technical Primer For Technical Staffing Professionals

The ‘Holy Grail’ in sales is to be viewed by your clients and prospective clients as a collaborative partner rather than just a vendor. While achieving ‘partner’ status requires a thorough understanding of your client’s needs, most sales professionals in the IT & engineering staffing industry make due with only cursory knowledge of their client’s technical requirements. In this session, you will learn how you can close more deals and identify new


Getting Your Grails On

In Getting your Grails on we will discuss the pros and cons of working in the Grails Framework. We will also cover the basic tools needed to get started in Grails development like the Groovy Grails Tool Suite and setting up your first environment to deploying your code. We will also cover some of the stumbling blocks for me as I have learned Grails after working in Java ten plus years. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Explore IT: Helping you understand your options in technology

Explore IT helps you consider many of the great career paths in Information Technology. There are many different choices beyond the typical developer and help desk roles. This book starts out helping you understand your talents and assessing your skills. The second part goes into the career options and we wrap up helping you develop a career plan to make the switch.


Beyond Agile

Beyond Agile: What is the next big development paradigm?

Where is the next big development paradigm? Many companies are moving beyond Agile methods to release faster and delivery value. In this book, we review some of the cutting edge methods.

Agile Basics in 60 Minutes

Agile Basics in 60 Minutes

This book will give you the Agile Framework basics in only 60 minutes. We cover all the fundamentals of Agile Framework from a Certified Scrum Master.


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