Parkinson’s law

Grand Central Station Clock

Grand Central Station Clock

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

I am going to guess you have heard this quote before or some variation of it.  We all have had times where we make our selves busier than we need to be.  We can find our time used up on trivial matters that don’t get us where we need to go.  This quote is known as Parkinson’s Law,  John Lee Dumas was discussing this with one of his guests on his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.  John was discussing how we can essentially keep ourselves busy but maybe not be all that productive.

In our working world we many times start working on something and have no idea on how long it may take to complete.  We then find ourselves drifting onto another task or losing focus.  One thing we need to look at each and every task we do and determine is it helping us get our number one priority completed?  When I was younger I read a book from Lou Holtz and he spoke about the acronym W.I.N. or What is important now.  I have many times found myself  working on window dressing when I really need to dig into something else.  Always ask yourself if what you are doing is getting you close to completion of the highest priority.

Are you making progress on your priorities?

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