Windows Azure Service Management

Today I had the luck of being free for the Iowa .Net User Group Noon meetup.  Javier Lozano opened things up and we got to see watch Brady Gaster, Windows Azure SDK Project Manager, give us a preview of the Windows Azure Services Management SDK.  He said this code would probably be released in two months. […]

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Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Today we had another lunch and learn at Zirous.  Jeremiah Evans gave us a great introduction to Oracle Application Express then he moved into a live demo of a Proof of Concept application he has been working on.  Oracle Application Express or APEX is rapid application development tool for Oracle Databases.  It comes pre-installed in […]

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Context Switching

Do you ever have one of those days where things keep cropping up?  It can really diminish your productivity when you have an endless barrage of questions or phone calls.  Many times you get a few minutes to get into a real deep topic and BAM!  The phone rings and your mind is sent off […]

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Don’t react Respond

Have you ever reacted poorly to a situation.  I wouldn’t like to admit it but I have flipped a few people off in my day after getting cut off in traffic.  You could say I reacted in unwise fashion.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a deep breath and respond.  Our initial […]

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To be heard you first must listen

To be heard you first must listen.  These words sound simple enough but how many times do we hear them and not think about them at all.  We all strive to be heard in our professional lives and our home lives, but are we listening?  I like many of us need to listen more and […]

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It's Not About You

It’s Not About You

I was talking with a co-worker Brett Clark recently about some books we had on our bookshelf at Zirous.  There were quite a few of the book It’s Not About You.  He mentioned that a while back our management team had given one to all the team members at Zirous.  I thought I would take […]

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Git Version Control Slide

Switching to Git

Thursday one of my co-workers at Zirous, Tony Brimeyer led a lunch and learn on switching to Git for our Software Configuration Management (SCM) system.  He first started out with going over the why.  I am currently working on a project using CVS.  We have used CVS for a long time and looked at our other alternatives and selected Git. Tony […]

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Too much success?

Have you ever met someone who was cursed with too much success?  How can that be wrong?  I have met a few people in my life that have for instance been very smart and were able to coast until they went to grad school and then they finally had to work at achieving success.  They […]

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Thinking in Patterns: Front Controlller

As software developers we try to use Software Patterns to describe our work.  Book that brought this to the software industry from the architecture was Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Objected-Oriented Software, or commonly know as the Gang of Four (GoF).  They describe many patterns in this big book.  Today I would like to discuss […]

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Figure it out

I was watching of all things Canadian Football a few weeks ago.   The halftime show had a special feature on one of the coaches for the running backs coach of the Montreal Alouettes.  His name is Mark Speckman, and he has no hands.  I thought that was interesting but I assumed he didn’t play football. […]

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