Oracle Unified Method

On Wednesday at Zirous we had a Lunch and Learn over the Oracle Unified Method.  Jill Roozeboom and Mark Meyers presented to many of our Zirous co-workers.  Oracle Unified Method or OUM for short is a system to develop software that is similar to the Unified Process.  OUM is a higher level methodology for software development that provides support for large development efforts.

Working with Agile previously the OUM seems very heavy weight and procedural.  After the presentation we discussed the pros and cons of OUM.  Jill mentioned that the software itself is very large install and not the most intuitive.  Jill thought some of the templates would be helpful for people managing projects.  I can see something like OUM being helpful in large projects spanning multiple teams and possible multiple companies.  When I worked for Iowa Foundation for Medical Care we did consulting for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.   I worked on projects where many vendors were working on various deliverables,  something like OUM would work well in situations like that.

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