Oracle Identity Manager Development process

Luke Wenz a Development Services Manager at Zirous recently presented a lunch and learn called, “OIM Practice, New Processes and Best Practices.”  He reviewed the process Zirous developers follow when they work on an Identity project using Oracle’s OIM, Oracle Identity Manager.  Luke began with a high level overview of the development process and explained how the process is setup to bring people in and get them up to speed.  This creates a great reusable process to help give our clients a quick turnaround for the Identity needs.

Luke covered some basic software development guidelines on the process of gathering requirements and using templates to document the requirements.  The next item was two important development practices of sharing a common project structure and emphasizing code reuse.  The Identity team has come up with a structure for project putting the Oracle dependent code in one section, this can be shared by all Zirous Identity projects .  Then all client specific code is put into a separate section.

Luke next moved to discuss some of the technology the Zirous Identity teams use.  First he started discussing Maven and how it helps enforce a common structure.  Maven is a build automation tool that compiles, tests and deploys the code.  It also helps manage dependencies.  In addition to Maven they also use Artifactory to store development artifacts (WARs and JARs) and manage dependencies along with Maven.  One last technology Luke highlighted was Checkstyle is used to enforce coding standards for all projects and increase software quality.  They integrated Checkstyle in with the Maven build process.

Testing was the next topic covered, they use Unit Tests to test the business logic of their code.  They also use Integration testing to validate the external systems that the system depends on.  For automated deployments they use Hudson to deploy things with the click of the button.  This builds the code, publishes it to Artifactory and increments the version number. Overall Luke and his team have a great process setup.

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