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In starting my new job a few weeks ago at Zirous, an Oracle Partner, I needed to brush up on some of the products Oracle has.  One product I started looking at is the Oracle E-Business Suite. The following is an excerpt from the book Oracle E-Business Suite: Development & Extensibility Handbook published by Oracle Press.

What is Oracle E-Business Suite?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a software package that allows organizations to manage key business processes; it is known on the market by various names such as Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Apps, Oracle Applications, Oracle Financials, e-Biz and EBS (E-Business Suite).

Early in my career I worked at Cisco Inc, the former name for Zirous, as a Oracle Forms and Reports developer.  Oracle has broadened its product line extensively since then through many acquisitions.  Reading through this book it does cover Form in Oracle Applications in Chapter 6, I remember some of the key concepts but ten years of Java development has made my Forms and Reports skills rusty.  The book talks about how with the web changing business many of the EBS products create HTML based pages instead of the older client server Forms and Reports.

As with many Oracle products the EBS is a large suite of many products.  There are many components that you can use with it depending on your business needs.  It is daunting to look at how many options there are in the suite.

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