One hour a week can change your career

Toastmaster Meeting

Toastmaster Meeting

Every Wednesday at noon you will find me at Voices In Motion Toastmasters meeting.  If you want to become a better speaker you have to work at it.  Toastmasters teaches you to become a better communicator and a leader.  I have seen with my own eyes people change in just a few months.

Let me tell you about someone who was presenting at a business conference and froze up.  He had presented a few times before but this time he couldn’t finish.  It was quite an embarrassment.  He showed up at our Voices In Motion Toastmasters meetings and joined.  In just a few months he was able to speak without hesitation.  He now speaks at those same conferences better than he ever did before.

The best way to become a better communicator is to practice.  At Toastmasters you get that practice in a positive environment.  When you speak you get evaluated which helps you hone in on the areas that need work.

Please consider joining Voices In Motion Toastmasters, or go to Toastmasters Find a club link and change your career!

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