No Fluff Just Stuff 2013

CISS Kenneth Kousen

CISS Kenneth Kousen


This weekend I was one of the attendees at No Fluff Just Stuff’s stop called the Central Iowa Software Symposium or CISS.  I enjoyed many of the speakers.  One session I really enjoyed was entitled Managing your Manager by Kenneth Kousen.  He did a good job of detailing the professional relationships we have in our professional life.  He spoke about some important points and used some old movies to relate the stories and anecdotes.  Ken spoke about how most managers are poor to average that we will have in our career.  He then described bad management in the terms of the movie the Caine Mutiny.  The star of the movie was Humphrey Bogart who played a captain of the USS Caine and did a poor job of managing his crew threw a crisis and was relieved of his duties.

Ken then moved on to discussing making your manager look good to there manager.   He also spoke about following the chain of command and keeping your boss in the loop.  Ken finished by reviewing something we may have heard of in Psychology class or had to take at a job, a personality profile.  He reviewed the popular Myers Briggs testing but then simplified things down to four main groups and discussed the four points we are evaluated on.  I will try to observe my co-workers today and try to figure where they are in the classification.

Do you know what type of personality you have?

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