New beginnings, familiar faces

Yesterday I began a new job at Zirous here in West Des Moines.  It is new and familiar all at the same time.  I worked at the same company under a different name.  When I got out of Iowa State University I worked at then Cisco Inc for a few years.  Since then the name has changed and they have grown a lot.  There are still some familiar faces that I worked with more than ten years ago.  There are also many new faces and a lot of growth.

Any time you make a change in place of employment it takes a little while to get the lay of  the land.  Meeting new people and learning new systems.  As you gain experience in your career you understand better how each place has its own way of working.  You see familiar procedures and new ways of doing things.  I enjoy the change of pace and new challenges and opportunities.  I am looking forward to learning a lot today.

What is challenging you today?

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