“Sounds like a case of the Mondays.” Office Space (1999)

When the alarm sounds on a Monday morning are you dreading another day or another week of work?  Are we just working for a check or do we enjoy some of what we do?  In IT many jobs pay quite well, but ask a lot of us too.  Do you hate Mondays because it is another day of work?  For those who enjoy their work they look forward to another week of work.  I have been at many places in my IT career.  There have been many good times but some bad times too.  When things change a lot and result in never ending overtime we grow weary.  When things are managed well and we are ahead of the game, it feels like things are less hectic.  Many times a good manager or project manger can make a difference.

The people you work with can make a large difference in your feelings toward going to work Monday morning too.  I know I worked with a team of people for a few years and they then moved on and the dynamics changed.  Change in personal can reshuffle things and the flow of work.  When you get new team members when need to add in ramp up time to the equation of project plans of sprint cadence.  “Why isn’t Jay getting as much work done now, I gave him the new staff member he asked for?”  Sounds similar to many people who don’t realize how people are not productive day one.  Also the person training them will have a diminished productivity as well.

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