Meeting Basics Part 1

We have all been in many meetings where there is no agenda.  It makes me want to scream your wasting our time!  We have no agenda how can we prepare for what is to be discussed.  How can we make sure the right people are in the meeting.  I found some slides on the internet that really speak to great meeting basics.  Setting an agenda is where it starts, many meeting organizers haven’t gotten this far.  Topics for discussion help set the agenda and give people a chance to make sure the decision makers are in the room.  I have been in planning meetings where key decision makers were purposefully left off as the organizer didn’t like them.  This didn’t help in planning a process that could succeed.

Having a topic discussion leader would be helpful too.  Someone to kick off the discussion and get things rolling.  Time allotment for each topic helps keep the meeting moving as well.  Tangents and time sinks happen in a lot of meetings.  Hopefully the discussion leader can rein in these before they get too far.

One thing the slides don’t directly talk about is the invite list or meeting participants.  There are meetings where too many people are invited.  Keep the list of participants to a manageable amount.  If you have too many there can be a lot of distractions and waste people’s time.

How else can we have effective meetings?

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