Learn the Agile Basics from me at Udemy.com!

I have created a promotional video for my upcoming Agile Basics course on Udemy.com.  It a great course for those who are new to Agile and want to learn the basics.  This course is organized into three main sections.

Scrum Roles

In Scrum Roles we discuss the three main Scrum Roles and what their duties are.  The Product Owner works with the business stakeholders to gather requirements and priority.  The Scrum Master is leader of the Scrum team that tries to build consensus on Sprint goals.  The development team is the rest of the team that will complete the work.  They are made up of various disciplines.

Scrum Ceremonies

In Scrum Ceremonies we discuss some of the meetings that occur before and during the Sprint.  The Sprint Planning meeting is the start of the process where the team determines the work it will commit too.  The Daily Scrum or Stand up meeting occurs everyday and each team member shares what they did yesterday and what they will do today along with any roadblocks they have.

Scrum Artifacts 

Some of the Scrum Artifacts we discuss are the Scrum Board, where we track the progress of the work during the Sprint.  The Product Backlog is where we store all the items that could be worked on next.

I think this course will really help a lot of people learn about Agile and the various parts.  Please keep an eye out for this upcoming course on Udemy.com!

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