Java in 24 Hours?

Java in 24 Hours


Java in 24 Hours


I was recently at the West Des Moines library looking for some other books and I stumbled upon this.  When I started programming in Java over ten years ago I read an older version of this book.  It got me started and led me to much thicker tomes.  I thought I would look throw it to see how much has changed.  It says it covers Java 6, the first time I read this I am thinking it would have been Java 2.  After scanning the table of contents and the some of the chapters it remains with much of the same content.  It covers some creation of Web Services with JAX-WS and reading and writing XML data.  I don’t think that was covered in the old version.  I thought it was interesting that they also cover the use of Netbeans.  I haven’t used it in a long time and I think most people who look for a free Java IDE choose Eclipse.

What is your favorite learning to program book?

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