IT Profile: Javier Lozano

Current Position: Principal for lozanotek, inc. (5-to-9), and Head of IT Architecture for INTL FCStone (9-to-5)
IT Background: I started working with computers at age 10 after we came to the US from Mexico. Since then I focused on desktop applications and a new thing called “the Internet.” I started doing Visual Basic 2 for Windows 3.11 then pickup up web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, Server Side, etc.) when I got into college.  Since graduating I’ve been pretty focused on the Microsoft .NET stack because of the features and flexibility it offers to my style of software development.  However, I still look at other technology stacks (java, node, iOS, etc.) in order to keep my perspective from getting cloudy 🙂
Biggest Failure: Being focused on the technology rather than the solution.  When I first started, the tech was the important part rather than the reason for it. The “older” I got in the industry I realized that blending the theory with practice is a much more successful path.
Biggest Success: This ties back to my Biggest Failure since it helped correct my wrong approach to things.  There was no exact science for me but taking the time to learn about the holistic context and then applying technology to it has been a smoother experience. You might have the “brightest” idea but if people are not willing to listen to you, then the idea is totally worthless.  Learn to sell it by engaging people’s needs for it and you’ll have a win.
Mentor: My parents.  They came to the US with $1,000 in their pockets and couldn’t speak a single word of English.  They taught me that with honesty, humility, hard work, and putting your trust in God you can accomplish anything.  I hope to achieve half as much in my life as they did in 20 years living in the US.
Current Book I am Reading: I currently have 3 books that I’m reading, they are (in no particular order):
Web Operations: Keeping Data on Time — Good stories of success and failures in the crazy world of the web
The Future of Management – Fresh perspective on how to manage and lead in our new world, not just in business.
Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire — I’ve always admired Microsoft as a company that enabled innovation and developed our market. Reading this is a good “behind the scenes” on how they got there.
Hobbies: Spending time with my family tops the list. Now that my kids are older, I’m hoping to bring back my golf game 🙂
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