IT Profile: Brandon Carlson

Name: Brandon Carlson

Current Position:  IT Nerd/Agile Coach at Lean TECHniques, Inc.

IT Background:  I started out slinging code on my Vic 20 in 1983 (ok, ok, copying programs out of magazines and hoping they worked). It was clear to me that my future was going to be in technology. I started off my career coding C++ and 370 Assembler, and have been through many of the technology changes over the years including Java, .NET, and Ruby. While the technologies are interesting, I soon realized that the best technology just didn’t have the transformative power unless it is supported by good management. While I still code, I spend most of my time in management roles these days.

Biggest Failure:  When I first started out I focused too much on the code and the process. Driving up productivity is a people-first problem. Working on the organizational culture is imperative to sustained productivity.

Biggest Success:  Growing a career in this industry is tough, becoming an expert takes a lot of time and energy. This caused me to focus on showcasing my abilities, which fueled my career. I don’t know exactly when it happened because it was a gradual shift, but I now find that focusing on continuous learning and helping others leads to a more fulfilling career.

Mentor:  I would say a consultant, Ashley Johnson. He showed me that there was much more to software development than code and process and helped me turn technology into an asset rather than a cost center.

Current Book I am reading:  I read a lot, you can find me on Goodreads (and everywhere else on the web for that matter) as “bcarlso”. At the time of this writing I’m reading “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Hobbies:  I’m pretty boring. Preferring to hang out with family or spend time reading. 🙂

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