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I have wanted to profile some IT Leaders for some time.  Now that I have a blog it is a great place to do this.  I thought the best person to profile first is me!  I can work out all the kinks with me and be ready for the next profile.

Name: Tom Henricksen

Current Position:  Team Lead at Dice Holdings Inc. in Urbandale, Iowa.

IT Background:  I started out in Oracle Forms and Reports at company now called Zirous.  From their I learned JSP/Servlets programming in Java at Iowa Foundation for Medical Care, now Telligen.  Also with a some time at Advanced Technologies Group doing more Java development.  At Dice my job consists of leading a team of Java developers in an Agile environment.  I have been to Scrum Master training but, I feel still learning a lot with Agile Development.

Biggest Failure:  Early in my career I thought I should be able to figure everything out myself.  It doesn’t take long to learn that process won’t work.   Learning to find people and resources to help really will get you much further.   Understanding your team mates strengths and weakness will let you know who to ask when you have a certain problem.

Biggest Success:  I have learned how important communication is in Software Development and in all walks of life.  If you can communicate your idea you won’t get very far.  I have joined Toastmaster a few years ago and it has really helped me gain a better understanding of how to communicate ideas effectively.

Mentor:  My previous boss Mike Last was a great person to learn how to get applications built and deliver high quality products.  He understands the development process and the customer’s desires.

Current Book I am reading:  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Hobbies:  I enjoy biking, reading, home improvement projects and spending time with my family.

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