It is great to be here!

We are lucky to be knowledge workers and in such a healthy industry.
Greg Jensen

The technology sector has many great jobs to choose from. According to CompTIA there are 6.7 million people working in the US Technology sector. “A U.S. tech industry worker averages an annual wage of $105,400 compared to $51,600 for the average private sector wage.” So the pay is good and there is a lot of opportunity in the technology arena.


Having read a few books on positive psychology I see numerous reasons for us to practice gratitude. In every line of work we can find a few “Debbie Downers” but, overall technology has many great things going for it. I am thankful for the many new things I have learned over all the years. I never feel I am doing the same thing for long. Something new is never far away.

Square or role?

In coaching my son’s basketball team we occasionally have to run a zone defense. For instance, we have had a few injuries where we are down a couple players. A zone defense can help you cover up for poor conditioning or lack of size. This can happen in technology teams too. You may have people cover for someone who left or is on vacation. When you fill a square you may have many tasks you are responsible for. When you fill a role you focus on one or a few key tasks. In the small organizations I have worked we cover a square. There is not the amount of work for us to specialize in certain things. Larger organizations tend to have more specialization. People fill a role and can get really good at it.

Why are you here?

In Simon Sinek’s popular book Start With Why he details how leaders can inspire people when they understand why. As with leaders, it is important for all of us to know. Is your why simply a paycheck? Or is there more in it for you. Working with many different people in technology some just love the tech. Others are inspired to solve problems. I fall into the latter camp. I have always enjoyed a good challenge and like to solve problems big and small. If you are someone who has to play with new technologies that can be a demanding desire. In our fast paced high tech world the changes come fast. Just remember to know why you are here. Make sure you keep that in mind.

Perfect job?

If we created the perfect job for you, the one that would fit you best and position you to bring the most value and make great contributions, what would it be? Think about where you are at now. What things would you like to change? Do you feel like you are being adequately challenged? We need to push ourselves to learn new technologies and skills.


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