It is all in the performance

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

As a big sports fan, I know how important the performance is. I wish I could say I have been impressed by my Chicago Bears football team. Their performance this year has been lacking. I am honestly rooting for a good draft pick at this point. Sports reminds us how important the results are. Granted some in sports have taken to cheating, I am not asking you to do that. As technical professionals, we need to also keep an eye on the results.

Results = Performance

I have heard many times that, “results matter.” We may intend on doing the right thing but we all are judged by our results. The outcome is so important. Early on in my management career, I learned how I am responsible for the team. We missed some key results and I took the fall. Our team did not perform and I ended up getting let go. My results as a leader were the team performance.


The saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything” is hard to attribute. Perhaps it is a Buddhist expression or maybe someone else. It is important to realize that what we do matters. As I write this it is the time between Christmas and New Years. We would like to take it easy but, we still need to put in the effort. Every day counts if you make it count. Consistency can strengthen your performance.


Your employer wants you to get better at what you do. It makes them more productive. I hope you want to do the same. Sure we would all like to make a small change and create a great impact. This rarely happens. We need to look for opportunities for small improvement along the way. Like the flywheel that Darren Hardy talks about in his book the Compound Effect. As we make small changes the flywheel slowly gets turning. As we do this over time the momentum build and we see big changes.


I recently listened to the Manager Tools Basics. In these podcasts, they have multiple episodes on Feedback. They find feedback important to helping people perform at a high level. In my experience, people tend to give feedback sporadically. High performers need frequent feedback. Don’t wait until its review time to share the advice. It may be too late by then. Also, make sure the feedback is prompt. Time it so they can make changes and don’t waste their time.


Great performers constantly add new skills. We don’t want our career to stagnate. Look for opportunities for growth. One simple way is audiobooks. As a patron at my local library, I am able to access numerous books with a simple app on my smartphone. So next time you run to the grocery store or commute to work you can learn something new. Look for new skills you can add or improve. Try out a new time management technique that you can use to save time.


Technology workers can get a bad rap. They are known for being poor communicators. We tend to leave things out. If we explain something one time we can think that is too much. This has a big effect on our performance. As many things in technology, they are not visible. We need to let people know when our work is complete. When there are dependencies on our work we need to make sure people know. Then they can finish there part.

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