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You just aced that interview for your dream job. I know you think you have it wrapped up but, don’t skip the last part in the process. We need to do a little follow-up after an interview. It is important to keep the fact in everyone’s mind the value you bring to the table. I am amazed at how when I received a thank you from someone I have interviewed that it can really set them apart.

Email Thank You

The first step you want to take on the day or two after the interview is to thank everyone you spoke to. A generic thank you is better than nothing, but if you can differentiate it by mentioning something you spoke about with them it can add even more value. For instance, I interviewed someone and I mentioned my daughter was in a play coming up. In the thank you note he mentioned it and he hoped it went well.

Bonus: Written Thank You

As our digital world moves forward many people have forgotten the art of the handwritten note. As a bonus you can send a handwritten thank you note after you send the email. This will arrive a little later and will again remind them of how you can stand out from the crowd.

Email Follow Up

After a few days you want to follow up with the people you interviewed with. When you were finishing up with the interview hopefully you asked about the next steps. So if they said you would hear back in a few days and you have not heard anything I would follow up. Start with an email to the main contact you have had.

Phone Follow Up

Next, you want to wait a few more days and if you don’t hear from them you can call them. Make sure to leave a voicemail that is short and to the point. Hopefully, you will get someone on the phone and will be able to ask them about when a decision will be made. Remember things come up so it could be that delays have come up.

Stay In Touch Email

Our last step is to stay in touch with the people you interviewed with. If you didn’t get the job but, are still interested in working at the company you should periodically touch base. Every six months it would be good to reach out and see how things are going.

Declining an Job Offer

If you get an offer you want to consider it thoroughly, but don’t waste their time. We never want to abuse one firm if you have multiple offers. Ask them for extra time if you need it but make sure and respect the time they give you.

Once you have decided to decline an offer do so in a courteous manner. It never helps to burn bridges or to make someone feel bad. Things have a way of getting back to you.

Never leave a company hanging if you have accepted another offer and don’t want to call the other one back. Promptly inform the other companies about your decision. Always be professional and think about if from the other persons perspective. They still need to fill that position so let them know.

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