How to use LinkedIn Part 3: Groups


This is the 3rd part of our review on Raylee Melton‘s presentation on How to use LinkedIn.  Raylee is a Social Media Expert.  The third and final part of LinkedIn that Raylee presented to Voices In Motion Toastmaster group was LinkedIn Groups.  Many people don’t use LinkedIn groups but they are a wealth of information on any topic.  For IT Professionals you can find help with any technology or answers to some difficult issues you are dealing with.  It also a way to do the first two things Raylee discussed, connect with other professionals in your area of expertise, and network with other people you may not have already met.

Lewis Howes is someone who knows a lot about LinkedIn Groups.  He started working with LinkedIn Groups when he was unemployed a few years ago and built a business by helping people find the answers they were looking for on LinkedIn Groups.  He has developed a system called Linked Influence that helps business people leverage LinkedIn to grow their business and increase sales.  Lewis used LinkedIn to jumpstart his business that now includes speaking, podcasting and business coaching.  His podcast School of Greatness is very uplifting and details a lot of successful entrepreneurs.

Have you used LinkedIn groups?  Look for some that fit your specialty today!



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