How to use LinkedIn Part 2: Network

Continuing on where we left off yesterday, Raylee next moved on to one of the biggest parts of LinkedIn, building your network.  No matter what career path you choose you need to build your network.  I have heard from many different sources to build your network before you need it.  Many people get that backward.  They think when the are looking for a new job or need something then they build their network.  The best way to build your network is to work at it everyday.  Amy Schofield of Schofield Strategies agrees in her steps in building your network.

Raylee detailed how to use LinkedIn to find new people to network with.  As you build your profile on LinkedIn it will present many people that may have worked for the same companies as you have and you connect with them.  Also if you are interviewing with a company or perhaps have interest in working for a company LinkedIn will tell you who in your network you could reach to or perhaps you may have someone you can ask to be introduced to ask question and get their opinion.

Work on building your network today!

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