How to use LinkedIn Part 1: Connection

How are you using LinkedIn?  Are you using it at all?  Yesterday I was lucky enough to listen to a Social Media expert Raylee Melton of Moth Media.  She gave the members of Voices In Motion a great overview of how to use LinkedIn to our advantage.  She covered three major areas of use for LinkedIn for professionals.  I think these are very important for us IT professionals.  We may be looking for a job or business contacts.

Raylee started out by telling us how we can use LinkedIn to connect with all the professionals we meet everyday.  Think about the many people you have met throughout your life.  People from high school, college and your professional life, are you connected to them on LinkedIn?  You should be, you never know where someone you used to work with may go next.  LinkedIn helps you keep in touch with many professionals that you have encountered.

In IT we many times eschew making the connections we need to make to be successful.  I have met many developers who believe the connections are not important, but their skills will make them successful on their own merits.  We need to remember our many connections and how they have helped us in our career and help out others get ahead in their career too.

Are you making connections?

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