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How to keep an open mind

Photo Credit: mikkelfrimerrasmussen via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: mikkelfrimerrasmussen via Compfight cc

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.

I know I can be quick to judge or assume how things in a situation might be. We can be wrong so often as we jump to conclusions. It reminds me of a story that Stephen R. Covey tells in 8th Habit about a time he was on the train heading to an appointment. A man and his kids were sitting near him. The kids were just as wild and boisterous as could be. Many of the other passengers on that train were staring at these kids wanting the father to do something. Finally, Stephen said something to the man. The father responded, “I am so sorry, these kids mother just passed away. I am not myself right now.” That instantly changed the situation. Stephen and the other passengers began to console him and his children. Making a quick judgment led everyone to the wrong place.


If we practice honesty with ourselves we know that our ideas are not always correct. Examine some of your ideals you hold to make sure you are standing on firm footing. As a younger man, I thought I understood something deeply. As I began to exam my assumptions honestly I concluded that I had much more to learn.


Our mistakes can sometimes lead us in a different and sometimes better alternative. Many years ago Ruth Wakefield was trying to make some chocolate cookies when she realized she was out of baker’s chocolate. She thought she could take a chocolate bar and break it up and it would melt into the cookie. When she was done she had something even better, a chocolate chip cookie. She owned the Toll House Inn, by the way. Ruth’s mistake became Toll House cookies!

Opportunities in change

When you hear, “we are going to change some things.” Do you cringe and think “Why?” Or do you enjoy the new things in your life? I have to say most of us resist change, but it is one of the true constants in our world. Next time something changes look for the opportunities that come about with the new change, doesn’t just dwell on the downside.


We can easily become creatures of habit doing the same thing every day. It can be helpful to get a new perspective on life. Some ways to do that are to try something new, perhaps you can try a new style of food at lunch or listen to some new music. Have met some new people lately? Every one of us has a unique outlook and it can be helpful to get out of your routine and meet some different people.

New information

Gray areas

Quite a few years ago I went to Dallas with a group of friends to see a football game. We stayed downtown at a hotel. On the Saturday before the game, we walked around downtown and went to the Texas School Book Depository Building. There is a museum in the building dedicated to the assassination of John F Kennedy. After spending some time inside where they talk about the mystery surrounding the assassination you can walk outside to hear many people’s interpretations of what really happened. I was okay having the mystery in my life. Sometimes we need to embrace the gray areas. We won’t be able to figure everything out.

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