How to Hack the System

Recently I listened to an audio recording of the Great Work MBA put on by Michael Bungay Stanier.  One of his guests was Bill Jensen President of the Jensen Group, a change consulting firm he founded in 1985.  His session was entitled, “How to Hack the System”.  Bill is a very engaging speaker and author.

Bill Jensen began by speaking about disruptive heroes, or leaders who changed the way things work.  He spoke about Steve Jobs and his approach to business.  He referenced this quote from Steve Jobs multiple times. “I want to put a ding in the universe”.  Bill described how many companies create products that fail to excite potential customers.  Steve Jobs while working at Apple tried to create many products that “put a ding in the universe.”

Bill then went on to state that we want to find teammates and mentors that will encourage us to take risks.  He talked about people who make great things and accomplish great things must take risks and will fail at times.  This an important step on our path to success.  When we are adventurous and take risks we can create our masterpiece.

Bill talked about as we work on things we need to “first blow up our work” before others can.  Create something and then find the holes in our creation, then work on it some more.  Fix the gaps in in your proposal and then polish it more before you show it to anyone.

Finally Bill said we need to look at all the rules we follow and break some of them.  Find the “stupid” rules that we live by or work by and break them.  He mentioned if a rule is constraining your progression break it!  We all only have 1440 minutes in a day and we must use them wisely.

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