How to experience Coaching Your Teammates

Thank you for considering the Coaching Your Teammates online class. We have put together some great tools to help you gain more influence in your work and life. This class will help you learn some valuable techniques that you can use right away.

Other offers just have a lot of fluff, we have packed this class with valuable guidance that you can use. We are so confident in this class that we offer 100% Guarantee! Go to the whole class and if you don’t think it’s worth it just ask and I will refund your money!

Terri came to me a few months ago after I presented to an organization she belongs to. She said how she enjoyed the workshop we put on and wanted to know if we could bring this to her company. We scheduled a time to discuss what goals she had and see if it was a good fit.  After I came to her company and worked with two different teams and they immediately started to see better engagement. “It is like everyone brought their performance up to a new level.” She mentioned how some of her mid-level performers have made great progress.

This information can really change your life and that is why we have put together an online class for this. Coaching can affect so many areas of your life, as a parent with your children, working with co-workers, volunteers in a local organization and so much more. These tools and techniques are going to make a big impact in your life.

We start with  a one-on-one meeting with me to understand your goals for taking this class, where you are, and your expectations.

Once we meet as a group you will get to know some of the amazing people who will take this journey with you. When we start the group sessions,  I’ll introduce you to the first steps and help you develop a plan for how to take them. In subsequent classes, we will dive into learning more information you can use right away.

We will be putting out a limited time offer in a few days for this online class. In fully providing you more value than you expect there will be a lot of extras. At the core is an online class that will meet three times for an hour each covering ways you can coach your teammates, co-workers, and family.

Remember this offer is only available for a limited time. We want to start the class and get people going so we can’t leave the offer open for too long. Make sure to subscribe!  Don’t miss our offer!



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