How to build a winning resume


Suggestions are nice but if we can show you some examples that would really help. First, let’s look at what you would want to have if you were a college student or someone with little experience. In this case, you want to showcase your education as more often is the case you have little relevant experience.

Lead with Strength

In a resume, we want to lead with our strength. For people who are soon to graduate or recently graduated that will be your education. Later we will see how with a few years experience we shift the focus. Since you have devoted most of your time toward your education up to this point it should lead the show.


Remember the purpose of a resume is not to get you hired but to make someone curious enough to call you or email. That is why I will remind you over and over again to be brief. The longer you make things the more likely you will end up deleted and not interviewed.

Try it out for yourself. If you are wanting to start on your resume and you are a college student download our Word document and use it to create your own resume. Contact me if you need help I would be glad to review and help with suggestions.

Experienced Professional

So if you have a few years of experience and you would like to begin looking for a new job here is some recommendations. Do you have an old resume? If you do it is a good time to spruce things up. If we need to start from scratch that is fine. Put down a list of your positions and accomplishments to start.

Technical Skills

When you have some experience you need to review the technical skills you have. Next, you want to understand which ones you want to use and are marketable. For instance, I worked with Window 3.11 many years ago, but that operating system is not used so we can leave that off. If it has been a few years since you used something you probably don’t want to list nor would you be productive with it.

Similar to our recent graduate resume we have the Word document you can use to build your experienced resume. Make sure you use it to start out building your case to help you find employment.

Reverse Pyramid

Resumes should not build to a conclusion, they should use the reverse pyramid approach. This is used by journalists to list the most pertinent facts first. As editors may drop parts of the article as it gets added to a newspaper or newscast. Your lead bullet points should be your best. Don’t save the best for the last as many times they are not read.

Tailor to Fit

As you construct your resume think about how you can tailor it to fit the job you are applying for. Don’t just have one blanket resume. If your next position is heavy in one technology or language you can weight it with more points.  This can help you stand out from the stack of generic resumes with little relevant experience.  If you have more than a few years in your employment background you probably have more germane skills to feature.

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