How do you handle failure?



I am working with a great group of people in a service project and today we realized what we were planning on doing is not going to work.  Failure happens to everyone but this group is really great.  There was no finger pointing or throwing someone under the bus.  It was great to see the group handle this well and move on to look at other opportunities.  Sometimes via things outside of our control we can’t meet expectations and this can be a true test of people.

  1. Realize this is not working.
  2. Review the factors that led to this.
  3. Discuss the options are for our next step.
  4. Pick an option and move on.

When you have a team of excellent professionals this can go very fast.  Keeping things positive and moving forward are key.  If things turn negative they can spiral out of control quickly.

How have you handled your failures?



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