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I recently met with Adam Steen of and we discussed what I am trying to do with  He suggested I work on something to help IT(Information Technology) Staffing agencies make better placements of their IT candidates.  We brainstormed three different areas where could help them out.

The first area is in finding clients or companies to place some of their IT resources at.  By giving these representatives training in the IT industry they can better understand the clients needs and ensure they are finding the right match.

The second area is in recruiting IT candidates they need to quickly discern who is the qualified candidate.  Many resumes they look at are the same.  With training the staffing representatives will be educated on the right questions to ask to pinpoint the competent candidates.

The last focus area is on’s Referral Network.  As we are training and coaching new and existing IT candidates we will refer them to firms who join our’s Referral Network.  Please contact me for details.

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